Northfield Pedestrian Killed In Accident

Earlier this week, The Chicago Tribune reported a Northfield accident that involved a pedestrian fatality. A middle aged man was hit by a vehicle and was pronounced dead shortly after. After reading this, our Chicago car accident attorneys thought it would be beneficial to once again discuss pedestrian safety.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has an in depth site that is devoted to pedestrian safety. According to the CDC, older adults, children, and drivers and pedestrians who are under the influence of alcohol are most likely to be involved in a car-pedestrian accident. These types of accidents are are also more likely to occur in metropolitan areas where there are more people walking around, at night, and at non-intersection points. In order to help prevent serious injury, pedestrians need to be extremely careful and cautious when they are crossing at intersections. Often times, drivers fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at intersections, and can turn without noticing them.

Pedestrians should make sure that it is safe to cross, even if you have the right away. In order to avoid being hit, pedestrians should also try to increase their visibility. At night, they can hold a flashlight or wear reflective clothes. One good rule of thumb that all pedestrians should follow is to only cross and walk where you are supposed to. Pedestrians should always try to cross the street at a marked crosswalk and walk on the sidewalk when there is one. When there isn’t, a pedestrian should walk facing traffic.

Our Illinois auto accident lawyers believe that it is also the responsibility of motorists to work to decrease pedestrian related accidents. Not only are car manufactures working to change vehicle design to protect pedestrians, according to, but there are also several programs that are working to increase awareness about pedestrian safety. Recently, the City of Chicago placed mannequins and flags throughout the city to make drivers notice pedestrians more. By making the mannequins stand out, having messages on benches and garbage cans city wide, and the use of flags, it brought attention to the importance of pedestrian safety to drivers. It is up to drivers to always be aware and alert, and on the look out for pedestrians.

Our Chicago auto accident lawyers encourage programs such as the City of Chicago’s to promote pedestrian awareness. The safety of pedestrians relies on both pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians need to try to make themselves as visible as possible and only cross at appropriate places, and drivers need to stay alert on the road in case a pedestrian should be nearby.

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