Pedestrian Car Accident Demographics

Chicago has been beautiful this summer, and many people throughout the city are taking full advantage of it. It seems like any time you go Downtown, the sidewalks are overflowing with pedestrians enjoying a day out. However, last year more than 4,000 lives were lost in pedestrian accidents. To put that number into perspective, that is an average of nearly 12 people each and every day, and in an urban center like ours, these accidents are particularly common. During these sweltering summer months, our lawyers want to provide you with a breakdown of some of the demographics and locations that pedestrian accidents are most likely to happen, so you can better keep yourself safe.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are a few noteworthy trends in the breakdown of age, gender, and location of pedestrian accident victims. Some worth noting are:

• 69% of all people killed in pedestrian car accidents are males-Perhaps this is because males are statistically more likely to take risks, but whatever the reason, it has been fairly consistent over the years.
• The rate of pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents is highest for those aged 70 or older-Elderly people are slow moving, and are much more susceptible to serious injury and death in even small collisions. If you are elderly, or have an elderly relative, it is important to remember to practice caution when crossing the street or walking around the city.
• Roughly 75% of all pedestrian-motor vehicle fatalities happen in urban areas-The congestion and bustling atmosphere of the city is what makes it so dangerous for people walking. Drivers can be impatient, and many don’t take the time to scan the road properly for pedestrians.
• Nearly half of all pedestrian fatalities occur during Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and 70% of these accidents occurred in the late afternoon and at night-reminiscent of the statistics for motorcyclist fatalities, a huge percentage of pedestrian accidents happen when visibility is low, and when more people are crowding the streets. (NHTSA, IIHS)

Pedestrian injures are on a downward trend, but 4,000 fatalities is still far too many. In addition, 70,000 people reported being injured in a pedestrian collision, and we know that the thousands of people who choose not to report their injuries distort these statistics. Victims of pedestrian accidents are often forced to take months off of work in order to recover, and this means they are unable to produce an income when they need it the most. Our lawyers have worked with a number of pedestrian accident victims to successfully resolve their case for fair compensation and may be able to help give you the peace of mind you need to make a quick and full recovery.

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