Peoria Teenager Killed in Slippery Road Accident

Over the weekend, we read an article in PJStar about a Peoria car accident. The accident involved a teen driver who was seriously injured in the two-car crash and later reported dead. His car reportedly slid, causing it to crash into another car. The accident report stated that the car slid because the road conditions were slippery and wet. After reading about this horrible accident our Chicago car accident attorneys decided to remind our readers about some tips on driving in difficult road conditions.

According to, there are several things to check before driving on wet roads, when it is raining, or when fallen leaves are abundant. Make sure that when you get in the car, your shoes are not too wet to the point that they could slip on the peddles. Also make sure to check your lights, including head lights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals to ensure they are working properly. You should also check tire pressure and the tread on your tires. If the tread is worn significantly, it may cause your case to spin or slip.

For safe driving in wet or difficult weather conditions, it can be hard to see well, and or stop suddenly. Drivers should slow down, especially when driving through puddles, and be certain to follow the 3-Second-Rule. The 3-Second-Rule means that drivers should drive with a following distance of at least 3 seconds in between the driver ahead of them and themselves. Be more alert as well, meaning avoiding all distractions at all costs.

Many drivers are not aware that driving in fall leaves can also cause slick road conditions. We found some useful tips for fall driving on the Minnesota Safety Council’s site and thought we would share them. The number one thing to remember is that fall leaves can be as slippery as ice, so it is important to drive slowly over them. Also, the first frost of the year usually occurs in autumn, so freezing temperatures can make roads and bridges icy. The site states that “frost, sunshine, wet leaves on the road, school buses, and kids horsing around” are all common in the fall so it is not only important to pay attention to what elements (i.e. rain, fog, sleet, snow) are on the road, but also who is on the road. In the autumn, there is also less day light, meaning it gets darker quicker at night, so it is important to make sure your lights are working, and acknowledging when it is too dark to drive.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers encourage our readers, and all drivers on the road, to consider these factors when driving this fall season. As discussed earlier, with autumn comes new types of weather and also an abundance of school buses on the road, so it is important to stay focused.

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