Proposed Legislation Aimed at Higher Safety Requirements for Vehicles

Recent legislation is currently underway on a federal level to address the issue of the safety standards with automakers. These actions are in response to the recent issues that the Toyota Corporation has faced due to their cars’ acceleration problems. The new laws that are being proposed are attempting to force the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create, as well as enforce, stricter safety standards for all automakers in an effort to hopefully reduce the number of car accidents that occur due to unsafe vehicles. This new act is called the Motor Safety Vehicle Act of 2010 and would require set standards for electronic components in cars, as well as increased penalties for car companies that fail to maintain the safety standards that are in place.

The bill, as it stands now, has been amended and changed some from the original proposal and may go to the U.S. House as soon as later this week. According to The Washington Post, some people who are strong advocates of the original bill contend that the bill as it stands now does not impose the level of safety standards that are needed to keep drivers safe and argue that the original bill is what is really necessary. Regardless of what the bill says, there is no doubt that new safety measures and requirements need to be implemented in light of the recent safety issues with Toyota vehicles that have led to several fatal car accidents. To read more about the proposed federal legislation known as the Motor Safety Vehicle Act of 2010, aimed at creating safer cars and reducing auto injuries and fatalities, please click on this link.

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