Safety Steps for Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents

Last year there were more than 1,200 children under the age of 14 killed in traffic accidents. Of that number, nearly 20% involved an alcohol-impaired driver behind the wheel. In the larger population, more than 10,000 people, or one-third of all traffic deaths, happen because someone decided to drive after they had too much to drink.

Despite all of the warnings, drunk driving continues to be one of the most serious issues in motor-vehicle safety today. With it being Friday, our lawyers want to send you into the weekend with some interesting facts safety steps that promote responsible drinking, and safe driving. Alcohol-related accidents cost our country more than $51 billion every year, and over 1.4 million drivers are arrested for driving under the influence. All of the statistics you see above are troubling numbers, but they become even more disconcerting when you realize that every single one of these costs, arrests, deaths, and injuries is preventable. By practicing a few safety steps, you can significantly increase your chances of getting home safely:

• Before you start drinking, think about where you are, and how you are going to get home. If you are out with a group, designate a friend to remain sober and act as the designated driver. If you are alone, think about calling a cab, or having a friend pick you up if you know that you will be drinking more than a beer or two.
• When you are out at a bar or in a social setting, watch out for your friends, and make sure that they do not leave the get together driving impaired. If you have to, take their keys away, or make them find a sober driver to take them home.
• If you are hosting a party or a get together and you are planning on serving alcohol, remind your guests that they need to plan ahead to get home safely. In cases when a guest drinks too much, and has no way to get home other than driving, think about allowing them to spend the night.
• Remember, that for the average man, it only takes 2-3 beers in a single hour to reach the legal limit of .08, and this may be even lower for women. Watch how much you drink, and be responsible and realistic when deciding whether you are capable of driving afterwards. It is always better to err on the side of caution. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Everyone deserves a chance to relax and have fun after a long week of work, but everyone should also be able to drive safely without being struck by an alcohol-impaired driver. If you or someone you know has been injured because of a drunk driver, our lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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