Safety Tips to Prevent Bike Accidents

Bicycle riders need to make sure that they are aware of and follow all of the appropriate laws that are in place to protect both bike riders and other drivers on the road. Similarly, drivers need to be aware of the laws regarding bike riders to also help ensure the safety of all those that are on the road together. One important rule for bikers to always remember and always follow is that bicyclists must travel in the same direction as vehicle traffic and whenever it is safely possible should travel directly to the right of cars, and this is so that everyone is traveling in the same direction which hopefully makes it less likely that a bike and car will get into a collision.

Chicago accident attorneys remind drivers of vehicles to remember a few simple rules regarding bikers so they can do their part to keep the streets safe for everyone. First off, drivers need to make sure to always keep a safe distance and to allow about three feet of passing space between their car and a biker, and make sure to always give them this adequate room in order to keep them safe in the event of a sudden stop. Additionally, when making a turn make sure to check to make sure a bicyclist is not passing on the right or the left before you make your turn, and always use a turn signal to allow the biker to know of your plan to turn, in order to help prevent accidents. Lastly, make sure after parking your car to look out for bikers before possibly opening your door into their pathway. To read more about simple tips to help avoid a bike accident, please click on this link. These few simple safety measures taken by bikers and drivers could make all the difference in preventing biking accidents !

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