Senior Citizen Dies in Fatal Dixon Car Accident

Recently, WQAD reported a fatal Dixon Illinois car accident in which an elderly woman was killed whenshe pulled out in front of a truck on a highway on Saturday afternoon. She reportedly stopped at a stop sign and then drove her van into oncoming traffic and was struck on the side by the pickup truck. She was unresponsive at the scene of the accident, and later that evening was pronounced dead. The driver of the truck had a few minor injuries due to the crash.

HelpGuide, a source that helps with health challenges, issued an article that lists safety tips for seniors on the road. Driving abilities slowly deteriorate with age, which brings our attention to driving safety and adjustments that need to be made. Our Chicago accident attorneys encourage senior citizens to reduce certain factors so they can stay safe, and so other drivers on the road can stay safe.

All drivers should understand how aging affects driving. The site states that, “fatal crash rates rise sharply after a driver has reached the age of 70.” Aging results in a loss of strength, coordination, and flexibility, which are all crucial to operating a car safely. Our Illinois car accident attorneys are also aware that elderly people also have a tendency to have neck pain, which can make it hard to check blind spots, leg pain which can make it difficult to use the pedals and loss in arm strength, which can make it difficult to use the steering wheel. Reaction time also slows down, and it can also become more difficult to pay attention to the road, road signs, and other drivers on the road.

Many senior citizens do not realize or identify health issues that can lead to accidents. Some problems that require attention and awareness in order to be corrected include:

• Conflicting Medicine Combinations • Vision Difficulties • Hearing Difficulties • Reflex, Reaction, and Range of Motion Difficulties • Loss of Memory • Confusion of Rules of the Road • Increased Driving Tickets or Citations • Close-Call Accidents
It is important for families to address these issues in order to maximize safety on the road, including the safety of the driver, and others on the road. Elderly people should take care of their health and use any appropriate driving aids that are necessary. Like everyone on the road, they should drive defensively and pay attention, and most importantly, elderly people should listen to the caring concerns of their family and friends.

Our Illinois accident attorneys encourage all senior citizens to take extra precautions when driving, to pay attention to the road and avoid distractions, and to also look for warning signs of unsafe driving. For any questions, please contact us.

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