Several Passengers Injured in Tire Blow Out Accident While En Route to Chicago

Over the weekend, CarmiTimes reported a serious accident involving a tour bus occurred, injuring several people. A group of people was headed to Chicago for a family reunion, including several children. In the accident, several children and adults were tossed from their seats when one of the bus’s tires blew out, forcing the driver to lose control of the automobile, drive off the road, and crash into a tree. A total of thirty-seven people were sent to the hospital.

A tire blow out is defined as a rupture that air escapes through to the point where the wheel and steering can no longer support the weight of the automobile, according to CarPartsPlus. When a tire blows out while driving, it can cause a serious problem especially when on the highway or interstate. The National Safety Council provides several tips that can be helpful when in this type of accident. Our Illinois car accident attorneys encourage drivers to follow these safety tips in case a blow out should occur.

An important thing to remember when a tire blows out is not to slam on the brakes, but instead let your car gradually reduce speed and coast to safety. If possible, move the automobile towards the emergency lane or towards the nearest exit. You should steer as your vehicle slows down so it rolls to a safe place. Try to avoiding stopping in traffic and to lower your risk of a rear-end accident or side collision. It is also important to turn the emergency flashers on in your car immediately.

The National Safety Council concludes that the most important things to remember when having tire issues on the highway are:

• Never stop in the middle of traffic • Get the vehicle safely away from the roadway and oncoming traffic before attempting to change a tire • Only change the tire if you can do it without putting yourself or anyone else in danger • And finally, after changing your tire, make sure to get it checked out by a professional to make sure there is no damage left over
Our Chicago car accident attorneys encourage all drivers to take the proper safety steps when a tire blows out or fails on the road. If you have been injured in this type of accident, or have lost a loved one, there are some instances when the tire company may be liable. Please contact us to talk about your legal rights to a potential lawsuit.

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