Woman Killed on Highway While Helping Disabled Motorist

A continuous theme of so many Illinois car accidents is that way that so many crashes or initial problems on the roadway lead to secondary incidents that are often even more damaging than the first. On highways and other high speed roads especially, drivers often get lulled into a sense of security. In that way their reaction times are weakened and they become more susceptible to causing an accident when they encounter stalled traffic or obstacles on the road.

For example, the Chicago Tribune reported last week on an Illinois woman who was killed after she had stopped her car to assist another ailing motorist. According to reports the 43-year old victim was traveling at night along U.S. 51 between Carbondale and DeSoto when she saw that another driven had driven into a ditch on the side of the road.

The victim was a nurse, and so she pulled her own car over and got out of her vehicle in an attempt to see if the disabled driver was in need of any help. However, just as she stepped on the highway and began walking toward the other driver, she was struck by another car on the highway. Emergency workers rushed to the scene but little could be done, and the woman ultimately died from her injuries.

This tragic accident is indicative of the all-too-common and deadly risks that always exist when a motorist steps out of their vehicle on a high-speed roadway. Investigations are still underway to determine exactly what led to this deadly incident, including where the impact actually occurred, the speed and attention of the driver, among a variety of other factors.

Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti urge all drivers to avoid the lulled sense of security that often comes when one travels on a highway for an extended period of time. It is important for alertness levels to remain the same, so that drivers have sufficient reactions to avoid accident when sudden, unexpected obstructions arise.

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