Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Negligent Bus Driver and School District

The Times-Georgian recounted an accident that occurred recently involving a student killed in a school-bus accident. The student was partly flung through a bus window when the bus rolled over on a highway near the student’s school. The driver claimed that he gazed down momentarily, and once he looked up road, the bus had already veered off the road. He attempted to brake in order to stop the bus, but stopped short, hitting a duct causing the bus to roll over.

According to the report, the family of the student has filed a lawsuit against the bus driver, school district and other school officials. The family’s car accident attorney hopes that the investigation will reveal who is responsible for this terrible accident. A police investigation revealed that the bus driver had cough medicine in his blood at the time of the accident. It also appears that the operator of the vehicle had not been certified by state regulations that allow motorists to drive students. The driver’s reckless decision to drive while groggy from the cough syrup, coupled with the school district’s failure to abide by state regulations that required bus drivers to be properly trained and licensed, resulted in the wrongful death of this young student.

Victims who are injured in car, bus, truck or bike accidents caused by distracted or overly-medicated drivers may be able to file lawsuits against the driver at fault. These types of accidents may result in serious injuries that can become costly in regards to medical attention, doctor visits, and potential surgeries, or even more costly, the grief that family members must deal with in the case of a fatality. Filing a lawsuit may result in compensation for medical needs, and may be able to bring family members some peace of mind.

Moreover, our Chicago injury attorneys have handled many cases of this type successfully. If you have been the victim in an Illinois bus accident, or have lost a loved one, our lawyers may be able to help you receive compensation and taking action will draw attention to the severe consequences driving under the influence and distracted driving pose.

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